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Slow Down- IMANY

10.09.2012 Tarihinde yayınlandı

Bu aralar İmany ve şarkılarını çok seviyorum...İşte onlardan biri....Slow Down...

sözlerini dinleyin ne kadar doğru..


Slow down Take your time

It will be alright If you decide to take it on the science

Take it easy Take it easy

Oh slow down and I understand

Why fazing a friend It’s so hard, sometimes

But guess what you’re not the only one

The door is shot but so is your mind.

But let me explain you don’t have to complain

Look at the bright side,open your eyes along with your mind

It’s not so bad God is love and love is all around,

you do the best you can doesn’t have to be grand

Open your arms now is the time to get on with your life

Hold on mend your heart and enjoy the ride